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Social Media Marketing

Every site we build comes with on-site Google search engine optimisation, but you may need greater online exposure sooner. The next step is to drive customers towards your website.

Social Media Marketing

For most businesses, social media marketing is something you know you should do but have little time or desire to do it. It can be overwhelming and a burden, but scheduling posts and a bit of advice is normally all that’s required.

Social Media Packages

We offer 3 different packages. We can setup your social media campaign for you as a one-off cost across the various networks and/or manage it for you on a monthly basis by actively posting, replying and liking. We also provide a training session package on social media in order for you to do it yourself.

Facebook Ads & Google Adwords

Both forms of advertising are paid for, with Facebook a better cost-effective option. In terms of advertising, Google Ads are passive whereby a user has decided to search for your service or product whereas Facebook puts your advert in front of a specific demographic and has a higher conversion rate. Again, we can setup these campaigns for you and/or manage them should you wish. Be careful as you can easily waste money quickly if you’ve not setup the advert correctly.


Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing and a vital tool in selling your services. Clear marketing combined with a new web design will benefit your business in increased online visitors and therefore increased enquiries and sales.

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