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Hoot Awarded New AADO Logo & Website Contract

Hoot Media are pleased to announce the launch of the new Association of Anaerobic Digestion Operators (AADO) website and logo. Both the responsive website and acronym logo was delivered on-time and on budget with the responsive website taking inspiration from the recently completed logo.

The brief was short and to the point, ‘to provide a clean, minimal website that is visually striking by utilising lots of images that compliments the logo’.

Green was the logical choice of colour for the logo, whether it’s the connotations of nature or the ‘eco’ foundations of The AADO – sometimes the best step forward is the conventional. Many designers feel the need to over complicate, to add extra bits and to use a plethora of colours however the real skill… ‘less is more’. Crafting a logo that works at any size, from a business card to the side of van as well as looking good if it’s in colour or black and white.

The website uses a combination of photographs and graphics to visualise the various aspects of anaerobic digestion. The AADOs primary target audience are operators wishing to join the association as well as the general public wishing to learn more about subject. All information is easily updated through a content management system, enabling new pages to be created, text to be changed, menu items reordered and much more. With mobile browsing  continually growing year on year, it was important the responsive website crushed down to various sizes based on the user’s screen size whether thats a laptop, tablet or phone.

To view the new website, please go to


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