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Why You Need A Business Email Address

Unprofessional Names

An email address reflects your business and professionalism. Potential clients may be put off when they discover your email address is something unprofessional for example ‘’.
You should avoid using personal email address’s as it can instantly put doubt into a customers mind, you should try and brand your business at every possible opportunity. For example, a more acceptable domain name would be something similar to our own email ’’. This way you are marketing your own business every time you send an email.

Advantages of paying for your email

When you pay for an email account it tends to come with antivirus and spam filters to keep your inbox clear of any unnecessary junk emails. This also means your account is secure from email which may contain dangerous spam. Another reason to get a paid business email is that you can manage all email accounts in one place! It’s handy and at the same time it keeps you organised and professional.

Using your company name

Past clients may forget what your business is called, however if they have your email in their contact book which includes your company name within it, ( it means they can quickly and easily find your website.

Domain names

Your domain name is used in various networking contexts however in general, a domain name represents an (IP) such as a personal computer, a server computer hosting a website, or the web site itself. Keep your domain name short so that it is easy to remember and easy to spell. Your domain name / company name should be used for your email & website to maintain consistency.


In conclusion keep your freemail address for your personal life and your business address just for business. Arranging a professional email address is easy. Whether you have a website with us or another company, ask your website developer to create a new email address for you and if you don’t, first secure a domain name using a domain register website!

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