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Survival School

A long term client of Hoot Media Ltd, Survival School is a forward thinking company that always embraces change. Over time the website has also adapted to various scenarios such as monitors becoming bigger initially then the demand for mobile web browsing.

As technology improves, buyers demands change and their preferences evolve, the design of Survival School has also seen a shift away from the usual dark forest colours of black and green. The lighter design of white and greys reflects a more minimalistic approach as users, more than ever now, want to find a product and buy instantly. This trend does away with more artistic elements and strips a website back to its bare bones of category, product, checkout – a movement similar in the architecture industry of the Le Corbusier’s buildings from the 1920’s.

The product range of Survival School hasn’t changed, although the speed at which content is now presented to customers is quicker by building the website from the ground up, integrating a better caching system and using a new framework.

In short, a new website is always nice however the key question most online shop owners will ask is… is it cost-effective? Can the cost be justified in terms of paying for itself through an increase in online traffic and sales. At this stage, the improved search engine optimisation, the faster loading website and the streamlined design have collectively increased the number of visitors, which in turn increases sales.

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