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How Social Media Benefits Torquay Businesses

Facebook – How Can It Help Your Torquay Business To Grow?

Facebook is often undermined when it comes to using it as a business tool. People’s perceptions are entirely wrong on the subject of marketing through using Facebook. There are over 1.19 Billion users currently with active profiles on Facebook and 88,000 Facebook users living in Torquay, this gives plenty of opportunity to market your local business to this wide audience by targeting your posts to a specific demographic.

Setting up a business profile on Facebook doesn’t cost anything, you can spend a little or a lot of money depending on your budget, however there are no initial costs unless you choose to boost your posts.

If you’re a Torquay business, direct your ads to target customers within a 10-15 mile radius of Torquay, Paignton & Brixham. The ads might cost you more as you are targeting it to a very specific area, however the potential likes and business from using this method are usually pretty high, depending on how well you narrow down your target ads. 

Just having people like your page and posts isn’t really substantial enough to provide long-term, sustainable business. The key is to engage further with your audience by creating competitions and leaving a link within a post that leads back to your own website with an entry form, this way people are more likely to then proceed to check out your Torquay website as its easier to press a link than it into search a company.

Our Torquay Web Design Clients

We have a range of clients within the Torquay area, for example, Marmalade Bed & Breakfast, The Driving School SW, JML Property Maintenance and many more all found us via ‘website design Torquay’. We manage many businesses websites and social media accounts. Often clients who don’t have a personal account prefer for us to manage their business profile so that our experience is put to use in order to create posts on your behalf and gain as much clientele as possible.

Another handy tool on Facebook is ‘Facebook Insights’. This is basically an overall review of your page, showing how many likes you have, the reach of your posts, ( The reach means how many people have viewed or interacted with your posts ) also post performance, page views and more! It’s a really easy and simple way to view how your overall page statistics are looking, this allows you to work out which areas need more focus, if you need to boost your posts with a higher budget etc.

In conclusion Facebook is a free way to advertise your business and gain more clients, so why not use that to your advantage! Check out our Facebook page… #webdesigntorquay

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