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How Important is Google Analytics?

Monitor & Track Site Information

Google Analytics is a digital marketing tool that businesses are often unaware of. It allows you to measure results from company websites, comparing the data to previous time periods, a simple way to monitor your sites traffic.


It also shows you data from channels that are directing traffic to your website, including: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Referrals & Direct Traffic. It makes it a lot more convenient having all your data in one place as it allows channels to be compared with ease. In addition to many other features, Google Analytics also allows goals to be set and tracked for when a user completes a certain action on your site.

Bounce Rate

A ‘Bounce rate’ is simply the percentage of visitors that leave your website without interacting, often after viewing one page. A ‘Page/Session’ is the number of pages visitors view for example; Home, About, News, Gallery etc (doesn’t include bounce rate).

In Addition to this, the ‘Average Session Duration’ shows the time spent on the website by each visitor. In general, viewing individual pages can sometimes give you a better idea of what pages need optimising to improve use.


To conclude, Google Analytics provides you with the information needed to improve your website, making it the best it can be, which in turn, brings your company more business. Something to keep in mind is that Google Analytics now requires sites to be mobile friendly, meaning it’s compatible for mobile phones, in order to receive a higher ranking within Google.

This is important as it improves the user experience on your website when viewing on a mobile phone. Having a mobile friendly website means users avoid the annoying need to pinch and zoom the display in order to make the content legible.

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