It’s very easy these days to pay a lot and get very little. Websites are not difficult to build and there are a lot of web designers and web developers in your local area that can create a website that on the surface looks good and is easy to use. The big question which you don’t find out until after you have parted with your hard earned cash is will the website actually get you new business enquiries?

In most cases the answer is no unless certain tasks are completed and work is undertaken that you will never actually see. The 15 questions below will seperate the might do’s from the will do’s when it comes to having a website that will actually work for your business. Ask these questions and get the answers in writing before you start the work!

Even better, give us a call on 01626 834606 as we not only create great looking and easy to use website but our websites are specifically designed to gain you new enquires.

No. Question Our Answer (required answer)
1 If you were to build me a website would it be suitable for mobile devices? Yes, all our websites are what they call mobile responsive as we know that google prefers sites that are mobile responsive so you get a better search position but also your clients will have a better experience when accessing your site on a mobile device
2 If you build me a website would it have Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as standard? Yes, all our new websites have Accellerated Mobiule Pages as we know Google will rank you higher on searches made on mobile devices if AMP is present.
3 If you build me a website will it be fully and professionally optimised for google, contain individual Meta Titles and Descriptions on each page, include Structured Markup Data, Headline Tags on each page, keyword optimised image names and keyword optimised Alt Tags. Contain a full xml site map and submitted to google, Yahoo and Bing? Of course as anything less than this would be unaceptable. Although most web developers leave out this crucial work as it takes time and reduces their profit, they don’t undertsnad it or they simply can’t be bothered.
4 If you build me a website will I be able to change it myself? Yes, all of our websites contain a content management system allowing you to make changes to all of the content and images on your webiste as and when you want.
5 Will i receive training on the use of the Content Management System? Yes of course we will provide you will full training
6 What if I forget how to do something or have a question about making a change? Call us and we will show you how, free of charge
7 Can I ask you to make changes to the site? Yes, of course we expect a few phone calls from you asking us to help. Often we just make the change for you without charge within 24 hours.
8 Will the site be hosted on a UK based dedicated server? Yes, we avoid using Virtual Private servers (VPS) or any server that is not located in the UK because the search engines prefer sites that are physically hosting in the UK. In addition VPS servers can have any other sites on them that can slow down your own site which Google does not like.
9 Will the site be backed up? Yes, we back up all our websites twice a day, 365 days a year.
10 Is your server fast? Yes, our dedicated server has 24 Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors and 16GB of Memory, it’s very fast and delivers websites as quickly as possible.
11 Do you use off the shelf website Templates or Themes as a basis of your web designs that you provide to clients? No, we build all our websites from our own designs bespoke for each client and never use off the shelf themes that are easily downloaded for £40 from themeforest or similar sites. Off the shelf themes and templates can have security vunrabilities and your site will not be unique to you in terms of layout of design, therefore we avoid this practice.
12 Do you keep the website up to date with security and software updates? Yes, we update all aspects of the site and content management system as part of our hosting service.
13 Do you appear at the top of google yourself for terms related to your business? Yes, we have always focused on county based terms so searching for ‘Web design devon’, ‘web designers devon’, ‘devon web design’ or ‘devon web designers’ will result in us being at or near to the top of the natural organic listings.
14 Do you have examples of websites you have built and optimised that come up for non-geographical worldwide searches? Yes, whilst this is fr from easy to achieve, if you search google for the term ‘salon app‘ or ‘salon smartphone app‘ you will find Bright Salon, our client at position 1 or 2 in the world. Searching for ‘wet room supplies‘ will see First Class Wet Rooms in the 1st page of google. Also searching for ‘mercedes lease‘ will bring up our client Mercedes on Lease.
15 Do you also offer free advice on Social Media Marketing and internet marketing in general? Yes, we provide free advice and also provide a comprehensive marketing service which includes social media as well as Email Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, search reputation building as well as advertising advice both on or off line.